Where am I going next?

It is true. I haven’t been able to dedicate time to post on my blog anymore.  It all started when I got really busy at my previous job. Then, my blog got hacked (I still ask myself why) when I was on vacation. It took weeks to get the problem solved, and still, I don’t have a functioning blog. Then I got a new job, things changed, life became even busier with other projects, other priorities showed up. I had to let it go.

But a few days ago I received a notification from my hosting company that I needed to renew my plan. A 3-year plan was about to expire. Three years…..that is a long time and yet, it feels like yesterday. I missed not blogging anymore. And then decided to bring this one up.

There is still a lot to explain, I know. But we can do that another time. What I want right now is to share my next adventure. You know one of those promises you make to yourself…. Three years ago I had the opportunity to visit Japan for the first time on a business trip, and it was an amazing experience (although I didn’t have time to explore and was there for 5/6 days only). But it was enough to know I wanted to go back on vacation. Then I went back on business again. But now I am about to board on an adventure for the next two weeks …… in Japan!!!!!!!!

Tokyo Station in Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Station in Tokyo, Japan


The idea is to go through the Nakasendo Way. I saw pictures of this tip a while ago and it looks pretty amazing. As described on Wikipedia, The Nakasendo or Kisokaido, used to be one of the routes of the Edo period and connected Tokyo to Kyoto. Along its way, there are small communities or posts, as they call them. So here is my preliminary itinerary:

Days 1 to 3: Osaka

Days 4 & 5: Kyoto

Day 6: Train to Nakatsugawa followed by a trail from Magome to Tsumago and then to Nagiso, for the final train ride to Kiso-Fukushima.

Day 7: Train to Yabuhara followed by trail to Kiso-Hirasawa. Then a train ride to Matsumoto if time is enough to visit the famous Castle and continue the train trip to Karuizawa.

Day 8: Trail from Karuizawa to Yokokawa, followed by train to Tokyo.

Days 9 to 14: exploring Tokyo and its vicinities.

As there will be a lot of walking (some of the trails are 6 to 8 hours long), I won’t be able to carry too much. And for the first time, I am going on a 14-day trip with a backpack (and nothing more). I must confess …. I am scared and already have that feeling I am leaving something behind even before my departure.

Another thing that scares me is the fact that I do not eat Japanese food. And most of the places along the way are very traditional, and so are their eating habits. OK, you must be laughing right now, but I kid you not. I am saving space in my backpack for cereal bars, in the case of an emergency.

I will do my best to post pictures of interesting things I will come across along the way. You are welcome to follow my Instagram and Twitter, where I will be posting the most. And hopefully, I will meet you here again soon, to report back on this exciting Journey.

Thanks for reading.

I am “following” in love with challenges! Pinterest Challenge

The 30-day Pinterest Challenge, Social Media Challenge, Growth

Everybody who knows me is aware of my passion for travelling. But I have also developed special feelings for Social Media.

Last year I had a lot of fun during The December Blogging Challenge, started by my beloved teacher and friend Rebecca Coleman. A few bloggers and I were pushed beyond our limits to publish more posts than what we were used to in a regular month. I have to confess that it was a though month, but I enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot from it.

And now we are doing it again! But this time, Rebecca proposed another type of challenge – The 30-day Pinterest Challenge. During the whole month of April, our group will be working very hard to improve our Pinterest profiles and share valuable information through it. Or should I say fascinating images!?


Do you carry a Travel Medical Insurance while travelling?

I was in shock and did not know what to do. A lot of things went through my mind, many of which I cannot even remember. The only two things I clearly remember are: “I can’t believe this is happening” and  “Oh no, my insurance expired”.


Travel is always associated with fun and happy moments. But when planning it, people should never forget how important it is to be prepared in case something goes wrong and end up taking the ‘fun’ out of the picture. If you haven’t been including travel medical insurance in your trip planning, you should start doing so before you learn the lesson the hard way: with an accident. Just like I learned mine.