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Hello, everyone!

Thank you for visiting my Blog! Would you like to know a little bit more about me?

My name is Fabiano and I have been living in Vancouver since 2010. I am originally from one of the biggest cities in Latin America: Sao Paulo (Brazil). I am a workaholic, passionate about learning, traveling, languages, and food (specially sweets, chocolate and Italian food). Business, marketing, social media, customer relationship, and multiculturalism are topics I love. My favourite sports are biking, hiking, skiing and horseback riding.

I have been always crazy about travelling. I don’t know why! I just feel excited about knowing as many places as possible, learning about the culture, the people, and sometimes even the language.

When I was a kid I travelled with my family a few times. However I never had the chance to do much until I was 22 years old. Then, in 2001 I had the opportunity to travel abroad (and alone) for the first time. The destination: Vancouver, Canada. That is how I got to know and fall in love with this amazing city I today can call HOME.

It was a short trip, and after going back to Brazil I tried to include more travelling in my life. Still, I could not do much, but was always trying to know new places. Most of the trips were short and not so far from my home town. Although I knew I needed more than that, I was just not able to do at that time. I was studying a lot and eventually started helping people with trip planning, giving advice, and booking flights, hotels, and packages. Helping people get ready for their trips was like travelling with them.

In 2008 I started travelling more for work. Most of the travelling was initially done in Brazil. When I relocated to Canada, in 2010, I had the chance to travel to a part of the world I had until then never thought of visiting: the Middle East. I learned a lot and had amazing experiences in the Arabic part of the world, although I could only see three countries in the area: Saudi Arabia, Libya and Iraq (Erbil). Lately, I have also had the opportunity to visit countries in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and soon will expand my travel plans to Europe and Africa.

Travelling for business is not the same as travelling on vacation. I know well. It requires a lot of energy, “work” and preparation. Nevertheless, in the past few years I have been travelling more for leisure as well. And it is cool! I get to use all the planning skills I’ve learned throughout the years.

So, why not share those experiences? I have always tried to help those who needed, but never thought of sharing it on a Blog. Then, I got inspired by my Social Media instructor: Rebecca Coleman. She is so passionate about writing and blogging, you should see it! One of our assignments was to create a Blog. The topic: something we liked, literally anything. Initially I thought of doing it for work. That was one of the main reasons why I was in class anyway. Nonetheless, an unexpected thought came to my mind: why not share my experiences during business trips?

And here I am. I will do my best to share my experiences and hopefully useful tips! It is important to say that I will not be limited only to business trips. You will see some of my experiences in personal trips as well.

Hope you have fun! And feel free to contact me at any time or leave a comment below.




First visit to Istanbul, Turkey - Sultan Ahmet Park, view to the Blue Mosk
In my first visit to Istanbul, Turkey.



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