The Mosque

The Mosque

What is a mosque? I believe I have asked myself this question more than once.

I have always heard about mosques but until a few years ago, have never been to one. It was like a mystery for me. But I am not the one to blame. In the country where I grew up, a non-Islamic country, a Catholic church is what I have been introduced to. In fact, there were not many mosques in the area. I maybe saw one or two, and wondered why they looked different. But do they look the same in a muslin country?


So, will you be travelling for business?

Who hasn’t ever dreamt of travelling the world with all expenses paid? Wouldn’t it be nice? Some people believe that this is what business trips are all about. Well, when you start investigating the bits and pieces of travelling for business you may realize it is not that simple.

I can assure you that travelling for business has its advantages. But at some point you realize that the only reason you keep doing it is because: you love to travel and you love your job. A business trip incorporates lots of responsibilities that you need to cope with. Not all business trips are all fun. Depending on your business, the purpose of the trip, and your schedule you might be able to include some extra time for the “fun” part. But it doesn’t happen all the time. At least not for me! (more…)