Seoul Tower

Welcome to Wednesdays in December’s series: Towers around the world.

In this series, I will post pictures of towers I have visited during some of my trips. These are great options to visit during your business trip, as they usually do not require a lot of time for the visit. You can even visit some of them in the evening, right after dinner and before diving into your ocean of emails.

Today’s choice is: Seoul Tower.


Lake Louise

Since I relocated to Canada in 2010, I have had the opportunity to visit Banff National Park twice: April 2010 and May 2012. It is impossible to translate into words what this astonishing park has to offer. What I did not know is that the lake does not thaw until June. In April and May you will still see an ice-covered lake, although you will not be allowed to walk or ice-skate. In addition, all the surrounding areas of the lake (parking lot, paths and trails) still had a lot a snow.