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Everybody who knows me is aware of my passion for travelling. But I have also developed special feelings for Social Media.

Last year I had a lot of fun during The December Blogging Challenge, started by my beloved teacher and friend Rebecca Coleman. A few bloggers and I were pushed beyond our limits to publish more posts than what we were used to in a regular month. I have to confess that it was a though month, but I enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot from it.

And now we are doing it again! But this time, Rebecca proposed another type of challenge – The 30-day Pinterest Challenge. During the whole month of April, our group will be working very hard to improve our Pinterest profiles and share valuable information through it. Or should I say fascinating images!?

I would like to invite you all to visit my profile on Pinterest and follow my boards. I also encourage you to follow Rebecca’s Pinterest Boards, especially if you love Food and Social Media (she is an expert).

Here is the list of the other members of our group (in alphabetical order):

Bianca Bujan / Bits of Bee: “Mom of 3 + Dalmatian / Content Marketing Queen Bee / Blogger / Foodie / Aspiring Novelist / Wanna-Bee Fashionista / Quotable Bits.”

Heather van Mil: “Wife, Mom, Freelance Writer and Marketing Consultant at www.wordofmommarketing.com. On the blog chasing Good Food, Good Finds, Good Fun & 2 Small Children.”

Jenn Di Spirito: “Vancouver family photographer and creator of custom framed wall galleries tailored to your style and decor.”

Kerry Sauriol: “I am a parenting/lifestyle blogger and social media maven who can’t fit into just one niche. I love all things, the cray cray and geekier the better.”

Marisa Pahl: “Art . Nature. Adventure. Education. This is my life! I see the world in bright shades of watercolour paint. Love Insta.”

Raj | Pink Chai Living: “Just a girl with a cup of chai. I also blog about fashion, food, and life with an Indian touch. Inspiring you to embrace your inner desi girl.”

Sew Creative / Crystal Allen: “Blogger, Creative Mom, Foodie & Crafty Girl! Helping to ignite the creative spark in all of us at Sew Creative Blog.”

Spokesmama: “Mama, Blogger, Cyclist, Stilt Performer & PR Practitioner; I think globally, act locally & work toward a more sustainable & child-friendly world.”

Wendy Mould: “Wildlife Artist, Blogger of Techniques in Bringing Nature to Life on Paper, passionate about family, camping, curling and golfing and Chocolate!”


Rebecca has also created a special Pinterest Board where interesting tips about this amazing tool will be shared. You can find the Board here. And stay tuned for the findings and results of this challenge.

Hope to see you on Pinterest!

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