The December Blogging Challenge

It is December! The last month of the year has arrived and…….wait a minute. It feels like Christmas was yesterday!  That is the impression I had. Another year has passed by and it is time to celebrate the Holidays.

It has been a pretty busy year for me and I guess the same for most of you. I had new challenges in my professional and personal life, followed by many accomplishments. This blog, for example, is what I would consider one of my best accomplishments of the year. And I owe this to Rebecca Coleman. I would probably not be here today sharing these words with you if it was not for her contagious enthusiasm.

Rebecca is a very successful social media professional and enthusiast. She not only has the technical background and the experience, but also the passion for the profession. She runs 2 blogs apart from collaborating and managing a few others. She also teaches her passion and offers consulting to corporations looking to implement or start a social media campaign.

This past month she put up a challenge through her network: that during the month of December we would blog more often than what we are used to. How could I say no! I loved the idea! I have not been blogging lately, due to several business trips that have been assigned to me since September: a total of 4 trips to 8 cities in 6 countries, to be more specific. So, there is no better timing for the challenge. Although I have to admit I was afraid it was going to be hard for me to make it. But why not try? So here I am, ready to start!

I cannot promise I will put up a post every single day. Perhaps you do not want to see my posts showing up every day, right!? What I can promise is: I will blog at least twice per week. I will try to keep posts short and simple, with useful information. Additionally, I will post some pictures of places I have visited during these past months. Hopefully they will give you some ideas of quick escapes during your business trip (during your free time, of course). Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about a particular topic. I will be glad to help.

Please, make sure to sign up here in order to be informed about the posts. You can also follow the Pinterest board I have created, to share the posts of my fellow bloggers.

Hope you enjoy the posts. And Happy December.

The December Blogging Challlenge - SS Klondike - Whitehorse, Yukon
SS Klondike – Whitehorse, Yukon

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