Write down your goals

Write down your goals and targets

Setting up goals is an essential task for success. So is writing them down. With our busy lives, time is flying. It is easy to lose focus, but getting back on track can be arduous. How can we avoid that situation?

I have learned there is an easy way to keep track of your goals and motivate yourself to achieve them. And that is as simple as spending some time to plan and to write them down. But do it in the old-fashioned way: pen and paper.

With a little bit of planning you will see that things can go further than you can ever imagine. I know that planning can be a tough task when you are not used to do it. I remember our Advanced Topics in Management’s teacher at university asking us to write down where we wanted to be in 5 years.  We were all too young and most of us were not even 100% sure we had chosen the right career. But we survived. After agonizing 10 minutes, we were ready to deliver the assignment. And with a smile on her face she said: What about in 10 years from now? But relax. I am not suggesting that you do that at this point. It would be nice if you could! But I have been doing something simpler and it has been working very well.

At the end of each year I review the goals I wrote down the year before: what was planned and accomplished. I select the ones I want to keep as part of the plan for the new year, and include fresh ones. If you feel it is easier, you can split the year in terms and set up goals for each one of them. In the beginning, make sure to set up realistic goals. As you achieve your targets, you will feel motivated to go on. Some people also like to reward themselves for each accomplishment.

It is important that you keep your list visible. Don’t hide it! I would even recommend that you ready it to yourself at least 3 times per week. It will remind you of your initial plan and help you keep your eyes on the ball. If by any chance you realize that something you planned does not make sense anymore, it is fine to modify it. Life is a constant change. But try not to cross things off your list if for some reason you think you will not accomplish them. Do not give up! Remember, the day is not over until it is actually over (and by that I mean 11:59:59pm).

As the years go by you will start developing your own system according to whatever works best for you. You will see results and realize that you can do it.

But remember: write down your goals and wishes with your heart. You have to be emotionally connected to them. Think of your values and your own aspirations. Do not let the expectations of other people influence you.

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